NEW Hauschild SpeedMixer SMART DAC

30 May, 2023 | New products
NEW Hauschild SpeedMixer SMART DAC

For over 50 years, Hauschild SpeedMixers® have been the go-to choice for high-quality, reliable laboratory mixing solutions. Representing the gold standard of bladeless mixing, the Hauschild SpeedMixers that enable homogeneous, bubble-free material to be created reproducibly within a few seconds. The Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge (DAC) technology developed by Hauschild makes it possible to combine seemingly impossible substance mixtures, enabling users to mix, pulverise, blend a variety liquids, high viscosity pastes and powders.

Take a look as we mix two components into one homogenous new colour in less than 30 seconds. Take out the mixing cup and put in the next. No cleaning is necessary, no contamination of samples.

A number of different customised solutions allow mixing from a few grams up to 10kg. The SpeedMixer SMART DAC series combines real-time temperature control, cooling, vacuum-robotic, sensor integration, variable counter rotation, Internet of Things compliance, QR-code reader, remote control, and automatic pot cooling system. Designed to be virtually maintenance free and indestructible, Speedmixer gives operators the ability to mixing the unmixable while maintaining a desired temperature, blending speed, and mixing time.

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