Phasefocus Livecyte 2

Livecyte enables quantitative, label-free live cell imaging with automated tracking and behavioural analysis of hundreds of individual cells within heterogeneous cell populations.

Phasefocus Livecyte 2

Livecyte enables quantitative, label-free live cell imaging with automated tracking and behavioural analysis of hundreds of individual cells within heterogeneous cell populations.

Manufacturer Phasefocus
Product Series Phasefocus Livecyte
Measurement principle Microscopy - Cell image analysis, Ptychography
Application Fluorescence Imaging, Live cell image analysis
Environmental Control incubatorFull heat, CO2 and humidity control plus sample pod
Transmission inverted microscope4x to 40x objectives (additional objectives available), 650nm diode laser, sCMOS camera

Product Overview

The Livecyte 2 from Phasefocus is a unique system for live cell analysis that enables the study of phenotypic and kinetic behaviour of individual cells and cell populations over hours or days.

The system uses an optimised version of Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) called Ptychography to generate quantitative data is without the need for cell labelling. Livecyte exploits the inherent contrast mechanisms that cells possess; refractive index and thickness variations to produce high contrast, high fidelity images without halos or speckling.  Cells can be observed with minimal perturbation which is especially useful for primary cells and stem cells.

Livecyte comes complete with automated cell tracking software (patent pending), which can follow all cells for a complete time-course, even if those cells pass over each other. Cells are always in focus irrespective of focal drift or uneven sample holders.

Livecyte’s Cell Analysis Toolbox® (CAT) generates detailed data about each & every cell.  Data outputs include:

  • Morphological data: Volume, Thickness, Sphericity, Length/width, Surface profile/texture and more…
  • Population metrics: Cell count, Total dry mass, Mitotic Index, Proliferation Rate, Cell Motility, Confluence and more…
  • Kinetic Data: Speed, Displacement, Euclidean Distance, Meandering Index, Instantaneous Velocity.


NEW Livecyte 2 Now Available

With real-time analysis outputs, improved tracking algorithms, an all-new incubator and an advanced track refinement interface, the Livecyte 2 is a leap forward in cell analysis

Contact us and discover the full extent of information available from a single Livecyte experiment first-hand. 

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Demonstration video



  • Unique imaging technique generates high contrast, high fidelity images which are always in focus.
  • Non-invasive, label and artefact-free.
  • High quality images enable accurate cell segmentation and more detailed analysis, with up to 10 parameters monitored for each cell.
  • Large fields of view with high resolution ensure cells are not “lost” during long time course measurements.
  • Low power laser dramatically reduces phototoxicity.
  • Combine label free Phase analysis with Fluorescence measurements


Livecyte is enabling a deeper understanding of the biology in many application areas including immunological, neurobiological, cancer and basic cell biology research.

  • Directly measure cell motility and separate cell motility from cell proliferation.
  • Characterise morphological and behavioural cell phenotypes during wound healing.
  • Perform non-invasive time-lapse imaging to quantify cell death without labels, dyes or phototoxic damage.
  • Automatically identify cells undergoing mitosis and extract the mitotic index.
  • Calculate cell death dose response curves without the use of fluorescent labels.
  • Analyse and extract parameters to identify heterogeneity within mixed cancer cell populations.
  • Enable investigation of combination therapies on primary cancer cultures.
  • Understand the underlying mechanisms of angiogenesis.

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