ATA Scientific Encouragement Award

Young Scientists, your chance to win one of six $500 prizes – $3000 to be won !

If you are a young scientist you can enter our competition to win one of six $500 Encouragement Awards. This award is intended to provide you with financial assistance to attend a relevant science conference or to further your research or studies.


Most people are aware of the impact the pandemic has had on the general economy, but we don’t hear much from students themselves on how it has impacted their life. The shift to hybrid learning has become the norm so now it is time for us to reconnect with you as a student, and see the world from your point of view.

Video competition:

We invite you to create a video that showcases a typical day in your life as a student, using one of the options below:

Option 1: Create a ‘tiktok’ style video that showcase what you typically do in a day or week in the lab? For example, this can include a video collage showing snippets of your experiments, from pippetting to data analysis etc.


Option 2: Present a “60 second thesis” style talk to describe your research project. This option is based on the idea of the 3 min thesis, where you explain your thesis and demonstrate what is novel in 3 mins. However instead of 3 minutes, we challenge you to create a 60 second video to do this instead.


How to enter:
Participants are required to submit a short video (60 seconds or less) to show us what a day in your life as a University student looks like. The video should provide insight into what it is that you love about your work and how it inspires you. Each participant can submit only one video which will be judged for originality and overall humour. The top 6 winning videos will be featured on our website and shared on social media. Videos can be sent to us preferably via a link (eg. via YouTube, Google Drive) or other platforms of your choice.

The award:
Top six winners will receive A$500 award each.
Good luck!

Entries close 28 October 2021

The conditions:
The competition is open to science graduates including Masters, PhD candidates and Post Doc scientists aged 30*or younger who work in the fields of the Life or Material or Chemical or Environmental Sciences** in Australian or New Zealand organisations. We can only accept one entry per person. Winning entries will be posted on our website and Facebook and featured in our newsletter. Payment is conditional upon your supervisor or organisation giving written permission for you to receive this award. The entries will be assessed by a panel of ATA Scientific staff.

*The assessment panel may take into account extenuating circumstances that might provide grounds for consideration outside this age criterion.
**As a guide these fields include Biotech, Protein, Pharma, Food, Agriculture, Chemical, Polymer, Ceramics, Particles, Surfaces, Minerals, Soil and Water.

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