At ATA Scientific, we’re committed to making a contribution to the scientific community. We do this by means regular Young Scientists Encouragement awards and by sponsoring many scientific conferences and meetings. We also offer a range of events throughout the year, including training courses, workshops and seminars. To find out more, follow the links below, or Get in Contact with one of our team.

Our Young Scientists Encouragement Awards

Amy Wilson Hudson Institute

Our Encouragement Awards are competitions intended to promote the interests of young scientists early in their science career. The Awards provide an opportunity for young scientists to win financial assistance to further their education, including attending scientific conferences and meetings. The Awards were established 5 years ago and since then over 50 winners and runners-up have received financial assistance.

We are really enthusiastic about our awards program as we can see the practical contribution it is making . We have been impressed by the outstanding submissions that we have received. The mix of science, humour and imagination is a great reflection of the talent that there is in the young science community. Our next Encouragement Award will be announced in our newsletter, on ATA Scientific Facebook and on this website.

Training, Seminars and Demos

We run a number of informative seminars, demos and training classes throughout the year covering the fundamentals of instrument operation, measurement technique and use of software and data interpretation. Practical demonstrations form an important part of the training and we can conduct courses across our range of equipment.

Training courses are designed for both new and existing users and can also be arranged onsite.

Events and Conferences

We are involved in, or sponsor, a number of scientific events throughout Australia and New Zealand across a range of disciplines.

If you have a question about any of our Awards, Training or Events, please get in touch and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.