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Laser Diffraction

Laser diffraction, also known as Low Angle Laser Light Scattering (LALLS), is widely used for particle size analysis and is the standard method in many industries. It is a rapid, highly reproducible measuring technique which provides particle size distribution over a wide particle diameter range.

Laser diffraction is an ensemble technique of particle sizing. This means it provides a result for the whole sample rather than for individual particles. The particles are dispersed in a liquid (often water) or air and illuminated by a collimated laser beam. The laser light is scattered in a variety of angles. Larger particles bring about a high intensity of scattering at low angles to the beam, smaller particles create a low intensity signal at much wider angles. These scattering patterns are measured by the detectors and particle size distribution is determined from the resulting data. This technique is capable of measuring particles from 10nm to 3500 microns.

ATA Scientific supplies a range of particle sizing instruments that employ laser diffraction technology. These include the Mastersizer 3000 and 3000E from Malvern Panalytical. These deliver precise, high resolution wet and dry measurements with better than 1% accuracy and reproducibility. Analysis and instrument control is via simple, intuitive browser-style software.

The Malvern Spraytec laser diffraction system provides real-time particle size distribution of sprays and aerosols. It allows rapid measurements even at high concentrations and offers accurate particle sizing over a dynamic range of 0.1 to 2000 microns, using just two lens systems.

At ATA Scientific we sell innovative instruments from leading manufacturers in the particle, surface, life and material sciences. Our suppliers include some of the world’s most well-regarded companies such as Malvern Panalytical, Phenom World, Biolin Scientific, Avestin, Precision Nanosystems, Phasefocus and Logos Biosystems.

Our scientific instruments are used by Universities, the CSIRO and by companies in a range of different industries including the pharmaceutical, polymer, chemical and mining sectors. We also provide our clients with long term support to ensure they get the best out of our products and services. Over the past 27 years, ATA Scientific has provided a range of technical services including operator training, preventative maintenance and instrument breakdown repair.

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