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Listening to your requirements

The essence of what we do is to provide the instruments and know-how for you to obtain meaningful and reliable analytical results. We do this by listening to your requirements and taking care to supply the most suitable technology together with on-going help.

We represent a group of highly regarded international companies. Their range of innovative instruments are applicable across the Particle, Surface, Life and Material Sciences.

Established over 30 years ago we have built an extensive customer base throughout Australia and New Zealand. This includes Universities, CSIRO and a diverse range of companies in the pharmaceutical, polymer, chemical and mining industries.


Specialist advice and training

Our people have an extensive range of skills and experience in analytical technologies, especially particle and protein characterisation. We can support you with ongoing applications assistance and by encouraging the adoption of standard operating procedures. Advice regarding instrument operation and optimisation of data quality are freely available by phone and email.

To help you get the best from your instrument we also offer a range of events throughout the year including training courses, workshops and seminars. Training courses cover the fundamentals of the measurement technique, instrument operation, familiarity with software and data interpretation. Practical demonstrations form an important part of the training.

Long term technical services

A full range of technical services are provided by our engineers including operator training, preventative maintenance, repair and upgrades. The objective is to ensure that your instruments are always in working order and producing reliable results.

Our customer support is over the long term and usually over the lifetime of the instrument. We provide this long term support, so that you can enjoy the maximum benefit from our products and services

There is constant change in analytical technologies. We will meet the demands of new challenges by continuing to invest in the technical capabilities of our people.

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Suppliers we represent

Supplier Name Supplier Website Country Type of Products
Aptco Technologies Belgium Gold or platinum coating for SEM samples
Avestin Canada High Pressure Homogenisers, Liposome processing
Cellbox Solutions Germany Portable CO2 incubator for the transport of live cells
Hauschild SpeedMixer Germany Small batch to large production mixing, capable of 100% degassing
In Process LSP Netherlands Inline, real-time nanoparticle size measurement in flow
KRUSS Scientific Germany Surface and Interfacial analysis, Contact angle, Roughness, Foam analysis
Logos Biosystems (Aligned Genetics, Inc.) South Korea Automated cell counting, high content live cell imaging and rapid tissue clearing for 3D analysis
Malvern Panalytical UK Particle size, Particle shape, Particle concentration, Nanoparticles, Rheology, Elemental concentration, Crystallographic structure
Micromeritics USA Physisorption and chemisorption instruments for surface area, pore size and density of powders
Micropore Technologies UK Continuous production of emulsions, encapsulated & bio-engineered particles; crystallisation of APIs
Phasefocus UK Label-free, high contrast live cell imaging with automated tracking and behavioural analysis
RedShiftBio USA Protein characterisation
Thermo Fisher Scientific (Phenom desktop SEM) Netherlands High Resolution SEM Imaging - Scanning Electron Microscopy & X-Ray Analysis
Whitehouse Scientific UK Particle Size Standards

Customer installations

If you have a question about any of the conferences that we are involved in, or our products and service, please get in touch and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.