NEW MASTERSIZER 3000+ makes good data excellent

08 Apr, 2024 | New products
NEW MASTERSIZER 3000+ makes good data excellent

Mastersizer 3000 already has a reputation as the world’s most trusted particle size analyser for accurate, robust, reliable data that informs critical decision making throughout R&D and manufacturing processes.

Malvern Panalytical’s latest Mastersizer 3000+ offers a significant advancement in particle size analysis, combining decades of trusted expertise with state-of-the-art technology. Seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and data science-driven software solutions, this cutting-edge instrument offers a helping hand to users at all proficiency levels. Software solutions for method development support, data quality feedback, instrument monitoring, and troubleshooting advice, help streamline operation and simplify the route to achieve best-quality particle size data, positively impacting product research, development, and manufacturing.

Size sure, is a new addition that delves deeper into sample analysis, which investigates both steady and transient states to ensure the reproducibility of size distribution measurements while shedding light on potential contaminants and other critical factors.

SOP Architect, driven by machine learning algorithms, constructs optimal analytical methods for each sample, complemented by guided workflows. Embedded data quality guidance promptly alerts users to any issues, facilitating swift corrective action.

Smart Manager connectivity provides proactive advice on maintenance requirements, preempting part failures and replacements to ensure uninterrupted optimal instrument performance and minimal analytical downtime.

Mastersizer 3000+ Range:

  • Mastersizer 3000+ Lab: Entry-level system offering robust size measurements from 0.1 to 1000 microns, empowered by the Mastersizer Xplorer software.
  • Mastersizer 3000+ Pro: Mid-tier system providing robust size measurements with advanced software experience and automated dispersion options.
  • Mastersizer 3000+ Ultra: The pinnacle of particle size analysis, offering the widest size range (0.01 – 3500 um) and automation support, driven by the digitally enhanced Mastersizer Xplorer with AI-powered workflow applications, including the new Size Sure measurement mode.

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