Aurora Tx for structural characterisation of RNA and thermal ramping

21 May, 2024 | New products
Aurora Tx for structural characterisation of RNA and thermal ramping

The latest Aurora TX, powered by Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS) developed by RedShiftBio, fully characterises the structure and stability of RNA, proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules at the touch of a button, including thermal ramping to unlock a greater wealth of insights than ever before.

Aurora TX sets a new standard in biomolecular analysis with background-subtracted measurements of a wide range of biomolecules in the formulation of interest and in concentrations ranging from 0.1mg/mL to >200 mg/mL. This level of accuracy and versatility, coupled with an easy, automated workflow, utilisation of 96-well plates, and fully integrated analytical software addresses the limitations of existing technologies such as CD and FTIR.

Aurora TX empowers researchers to delve deeper into the characterisation of nucleic acids, proteins, and other biomolecules without the need for spectroscopy expertise. With the ability to compare higher-order structures, stability profiles, and similarity profiles, Aurora TX facilitates informed decision-making across various stages of biopharmaceutical drug development, from discovery to quality control.

The most significant development of Aurora TX is its growing application in RNA analysis. With its advanced sensitivity Aurora TX is ideal for nucleic acid characterisation. Researchers can use Aurora TX to detect structural changes to RNA due to sequence modifications, formulation changes and thermal stress. Even structural differences in the payload upon LNP encapsulation and RNA-to-LNP ratio are now measurable, all with walk-away automation.

The integration of thermal ramping in Aurora TX adds a new dimension to biomolecular analysis by enabling researchers to induce high-resolution temperature stress, facilitating the detection of structural changes with precision and repeatability. This feature streamlines the analysis process, saving time and resources for researchers engaged in drug discovery and development.

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