Zetasizer Sample assistant for automated sample analysis

01 May, 2024 | New products
Zetasizer Sample assistant for automated sample analysis

The Zetasizer Sample Assistant is a new accessory for every Zetasizer Advance system. It automates sample analysis and frees user time from manually changing samples. The result? The same great data quality and versatility you expect from your Zetasizer Advance with even greater efficiency.

Here’s how Zetasizer Sample Assistant makes a difference:

• Improves lab efficiency by minimising lost time between samples

• More efficient sample handling without compromising data quality

• Sample Assistant works together with your existing methods to simplify method transfer or create them in the Method Builder as normal

• Use multiple methods, even on the same sample tray

• Straightforward workflow guides users through maintenance with ease

The great advantage of the Zetasizer is that the entire system is designed holistically. From the instrument itself to the sample cells, everything is designed to ensure optimal data quality without the need to attend the instrument. It allows users to do other tasks while the Assistant is dealing with the samples. The Sample Assistant provides high‑quality sample data that inspires confidence, without the need to be present. It is also easy to upgrade, with no instrument modifications, no time lost when cleaning between samples, and no risk of cross‑contamination.

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