New Desktop SEM Helps Improve Quality Control, Production Efficiency and Material Cleanliness

26 Aug, 2020 | New products
New Desktop SEM Helps Improve Quality Control, Production Efficiency and Material Cleanliness

New Phenom ParticleX SEM

The need to maintain an effective, cost-efficient operation has led to a growing number of manufacturing companies establishing scanning electron microscopy (SEM) systems in-house.

The ability to carry out high resolution imaging quickly and easily to assess the structure, surface morphology in addition to chemical verification can help support and improve product development and/or process control.

Easy-to-use, multi-purpose desktop SEM

The Thermo ScientificPhenom ParticleX Desktop SEM is a versatile solution for high-quality analysis that is both simple to operate and fast to learn, opening up the use of particle and material analysis to a wider group of users. The system requires little training and no expert oversight and is automated for multiple sample analysis. Its ease-of-use, rapid sample preparation and handling produce unparalleled time to data. Users can obtain high-quality images in just 40 seconds—three times faster than other desktop SEM systems. With an improved resolution of 10 nanometres, it enables even more resolving power and the ability to explore large samples of up to 100 by 100 millimetres. When compared to the more common tungsten filament electron sources, its Cerium hexaboride (CeB6) electron source is longer lasting with higher brightness.

The standard detector in the Phenom ParticleX Desktop SEM is a four-segment backscattered electron detector (BSD) that yields sharp images and provides chemical contrast information. An optional secondary electron detector (SED) collects low-energy electrons from the top surface layer of the sample, exposing detailed sample surface information. The SED is ideal for applications where topography and morphology are important such as when studying microstructures, fibers or particles.

Elemental Mapping and Line Scan

In addition to fast, high-resolution imaging, the Phenom ParticleX has an integrated energy dispersive X-ray diffraction (EDX) detector for elemental analysis. A simple click on the spot of interest will provide a list of elements present using live energy-dispersive X-ray (EDX) analysis. Elemental distribution can be visualised with the elemental mapping and line scan option, which is

especially useful for coatings, paints and other applications with multiple layers for analysing edges and cross sections. The all-new 24-inch diagonal user interface combines what were once separate screens for images and analyses into a single full-screen image providing faster and convenient access to information needed.

Additive manufacturing and technical cleanliness

The Phenom ParticleX Desktop SEM not only provides high quality SEM analysis, it is also designed to perform a number of specific functions. These include particle analysis of metal powders at the microscale for the additive manufacturing industry and confirming that components fulfill technical cleanliness specifications according to VDA19 or ISO16232 standards. Users can monitor particle size distributions, revealing individual particle morphology and identify foreign particles providing great insights into production processes and environments.