Micromeritics Autochem III

24 Jun, 2022 | New products
Micromeritics Autochem III

All NEW AutoChem III is a catalyst characterisation laboratory in a single instrument. This highly automated and highly accurate system is ideal for chemisorption and temperature-programmed reactions. The new design saves time, makes the most sensitive, reproducible measurement and enhances operator safety.

The NEW AutoCool is an integrated gas-fed system that rapidly cools sample tubes before and during experiments. AutoCool is typically 30 minutes faster than alternative systems and requires no liquids or external support.

The NEW AutoTrap removes moisture without cryogenic liquids such as liquid Nitrogen. It effectively traps vapour and requires no manual slush bath preparation. Traditional methods for vapour capture require the time-intensive process of slush-bath preparation through the manual mixing of liquid nitrogen with isopropanol. The zeolite bed of the AutoTrap effectively captures vapours, can be used for several experiments without interruption, and can be regenerated in situ.

Automated detector calibration makes accuracy simple by using patented gas blending and a dedicated reference stream flow controller. Patented new KwikConnect fittings make sample tube installation faster, easier, more reliable and reduces the risk of breaking sample tubes. With 18 available gas streams, users are always ready to run their next reaction.

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