JASCO J-1100/ J-1500 / J-1700 CD

JASCO J1000 series CD spectrometers provide maximum signal-to-noise under highly absorbing, low light intensity conditions of the far-UV spectral region to explore the structure and stability of biomolecules.

JASCO J-1100/ J-1500 / J-1700 CD

JASCO J1000 series CD spectrometers provide maximum signal-to-noise under highly absorbing, low light intensity conditions of the far-UV spectral region to explore the structure and stability of biomolecules.

Manufacturer Jasco
Product Series Jasco CD - Circular Dichroism
Measurement principle Circular Dichroism Spectrometry
Application Protein Conformation
Sample type Proteins, biomolecules, natural products
Light source150W Xe lamp (450W Xe/ 150W Halogen option)
Wavelength validationIntegrated Mercury lamp
Wavelength range163-2500nm (J-1700)
Scanning speedup to 10,000nm/min

Product Overview

JASCO J-1000 Series of CD spectrometers provide unparalleled optical performance and versatile flexibility for advanced biomolecular characterisation and stereochemical analysis. Based on over 50 years of experience, the Jasco J-1000 series offers the highest sensitivity, with a wider spectral range from vacuum UV to NIR wavelengths.

Three models are available.

J-1100 CD Spectrometer is designed for routine, conventional CD applications in a compact package. It’s simple yet powerful design is suitable for research as well as an effective tool for teaching CD in academic environments.

J-1500 CD Spectrometer is designed as a multipurpose, flexible system with a wide dynamic range to meet demanding CD applications with high sensitivity.

J-1700 CD Spectrometer is designed for demanding near-infrared CD applications such as magnetic CD and covers the wavelength range from UV, Visible and NIR up to 2500 nm.

The Dual Polarizing Prism Monochromator covers the entire region required for routine analysis of biomolecules with excellent stray-light rejection for accurate results. Enhanced vacuum UV measurement enables the measurement of a CD spectrum in the vacuum UV region can go down to 163nm which is of critical importance for biomolecules.

A range of sampling accessories with automatic recognition include thermostatted cell holders, cell changers, temperature controllers, microsamplers, fluorescence, titration units and specific application software packages.

The JASCO spectroscopy portfolio offers high quality, reliable instrumentation for UV-Visible-NIR, FTIR, Fluorescence, Circular Dichroism, Raman and Polarimetry. Contact us for a quote.

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JASCO designed and manufactured

Entire instrument is designed and manufactured by JASCO including the PEM crystal to provide the best performance and reliability in the industry.

Exceptional stray light rejection

The dual polarizing prism optical design of the J-1000 series results in stray light lower than 0.0003%, enabling the instruments to obtain high-quality CD data even under conditions with high absorbance.

Enhanced vacuum-UV measurement

The innovative optical system of the J-1500 permits the measurement of a CD spectrum in the vacuum-UV region down to 163 nm. The vacuum-UV region below 200 nm is of critical importance for biomolecules, particularly in protein secondary structure estimation.

Rapid Scanning

High sensitivity and fast scan speed allows the J-1500 to measure samples quickly, increasing productivity. Minimal time exposure of biological samples to the high-energy UV light, reduces the risk of sample degradation.

Simultaneous multi probe measurement

Provides simultaneous acquisition of up to four data channels including CD, absorbance, linear dichroism (LD), fluorescence, fluorescence-detected CD (FDCD), fluorescence-detected LD (FDLD) and fluorescence anisotropy.

Validation and data confidence

An integrated validation mode provides users with a list of up to nine instrument performance and calibration tests. It offers a built-in Hg lamp wavelength calibration source and the first traceable scale calibration substance (d-10-ammonium amphorsulfonate) for photometric accuracy and repeatability tests.

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  • Protein conformational studies
  • Protein folding studies
  • DNA / RNA interactions
  • Enzyme kinetics
  • Formulation studies
  • Purity testing of optically active substances
  • Quantitative analysis of pharmaceuticals
  • Natural products chemistry
  • Material science
  • Rapid kinetics (stopped-flow) CD
  • Absorbance and fluorescence studies

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Complementary Systems

FVS-6000 – Vibrational circular dichroism

The system is capable of measuring conventional IR Absorption along with Vibrational CD and is controlled by the Spectra Manager II spectroscopy software suite.

CPL-300 – Circularly polarized luminescence
Circularly polarized luminescence systems are designed to supplement circular dichroism by providing chiral information of the excited state properties. The instrument’s double-prism excitation and emission monochromator delivers very low stray light and no spurious linear polarization effects caused by diffraction gratings.

P-2000 – Digital polarimeter
The P-2000 is designed as a customisable polarimeter that can be field-upgraded as application requirements change. Options for wavelength filters and source lamps provide a wide range of analytical wavelengths from UV-Vis to NIR.

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