Attension Sigma 703D

The Attension Sigma 703D is a manual standalone force tensiometer used to measure the static surface tension and interfacial tension of liquids.

Attension Sigma 703D

The Attension Sigma 703D is a manual standalone force tensiometer used to measure the static surface tension and interfacial tension of liquids.

Manufacturer Attension
Product SeriesSigma Force Tensiometer
Measurement principleForce tensiometry
ApplicationSurface Tension - Contact Angle
Sample typeChemicals, pharmaceuticals, surfactants, energy, foods, biomaterials, oil & gas
MeasurementsSurface/ interfacial tension, Critical Micelle Concentration, Dynamic contact angle, surface free energy, powder wettability, density, sedimentation

Product Overview

The Attension Sigma 703D force tensiometer is a popular choice for educational purposes. The integrated keyboard and screen make it easy to use without requiring an external computer. The sample stage is manually operated. It measures surface and interfacial tension of liquids by Du Noüy ring or Wilhelmy plate methods. A vessel containing the liquid sample is raised until the ring or plate touches the surface of the liquid. The liquid is drawn up in a meniscus on the solid surface and creates a force due to surface tension. The force is measured by the microbalance and from this the surface and interfacial tensions are calculated.

The information provided includes properties such as dynamic contact angle, surface free energy and wettability. A common application is Critical Micelle Concentration (measured manually), which is the concentration of surfactants in which micelles are spontaneously formed. Measurements are displayed in real-time and can be printed or transferred to a computer.

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  • Sigma range comparison

Demonstration video


  • Quick and easy standalone operation.
  • Robustly designed with manual sample stage
  • Results displayed on the large digital screen in real-time
  • Data transfer to computer software and print option
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  • Influence of Contact Angles and Surface Free Energies on Biocompatibility of Biomaterials
  • Critical Micelle Concentration Measurement in Aggregation Behaviour Studies
  • Wettability of Pharmaceutical Powders
  • ASTM D971 Standard Test Method for Interfacial Tension of Oil Against Water by the Ring Method
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Sigma range comparison

Surface tension
Interfacial tension
Critical Micelle ConcentrationAutomaticAutomaticManualManualManual
Dynamic contact angleAutomaticAutomaticManualManualManual
Interfacial tension
Surface free energy
Powder wettability
Balance range1-2000 mN/m1-1000 mN/m1-1000 mN/m1-1000 mN/m1-1000 mN/m
Balance max load210 grams5 grams5 grams5 grams5 grams
Sample stageMotorizedMotorizedMotorizedMotorizedManual
Temperature control mechanismRange of water bath accessoriesRange of water bath accessoriesBuilt-in thermostatic vessel for water bathThermostatic vessel for water bathRange of water bath accessories
Provided softwareOneAttensionOneAttensionData receiverData receiverData receiver
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