IDT expands commercial scale pharmaceutical manufacturing

31 Jul, 2021 | Newsletters
IDT expands commercial scale pharmaceutical manufacturing
IDT Australia*,(Institute of Drug Technology Limited) recently installed their new Avestin EmulsiFlex C55. With a flow rate of up to 55L/hr, this system bridges the gap between a benchtop and production scale high pressure homogeniser that can be applied to cell disruption (Bacteria, Yeast, Algae, Insect and Mammalian cells), liposomal products, emulsions and particle size reduction.

A unique “dynamic” homogenising valve and no “O”-rings or gaskets in the entire path of the product, means less risk for contamination or blockage. The C55 is versatile in terms of suitable sample sizes, processing a minimum sample volume of only 100mL and allowing for adjustable flow rates down to ~18L/hr and temperature control. The system is suitable for GMP compliance as well as compliance to 21 CFR Part 11.

*IDT is an Australian cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturing company that specialises in high containment, high potency manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Finished Dose Forms (FDF), as well as offering a full suite of contract manufacturing services. 

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Other popular high pressure homogenisers used to efficiently reduce particles and droplets from micron to nanometer sizes include:
Avestin Emulsiflex C5 is a lab scale, air driven, high pressure homogeniser.
Avestin Emulsiflex C3 is a lab scale, electric motor driven, high pressure homogeniser.
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