NEW Phenom Generation 5 – The serious alternative to floor model SEMs

11 Aug, 2017 | Newsletters
NEW Phenom Generation 5 – The serious alternative to floor model SEMs

Advanced features of the Generation 5 usher in capabilities previously only seen in floor model SEM systems, at a fraction of the expense!

The new 5th generation Phenom Pro and ProX series of desktop SEMs by Phenom-World marks ten years of SEM innovation. The new generation features enhanced imaging, 20 percent resolution improvement, new software to significantly widen application range and an optional secondary electron detector (SED). The Phenom maintains its hallmark ease of use with the NeverLost navigation and integrated automated stage. Applications include materials science, manufacturing, electronics, earth science, life sciences, education, and more.

Take a look at the new 5th Generation Phenom SEM today!

Desktop SEM electron sources: why CeB6 is the right choice

When looking for a scanning electron microscope (SEM), the electron source is one of the most important parts of the system. This article takes a closer look Tungsten and CeB6 electron sources.

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