You are invited to attend QSense User Days, 2-3 November 2021

01 Sep, 2021 | Newsletters
You are invited to attend QSense User Days, 2-3 November 2021
Join us for two days of inspirational and educational sessions on the topic of QCMD. During this event, you will have the opportunity to meet other users and learn more about the study of biomolecular interactions using QSense in a range of applications such as the biomedical, pharma and food industry. 

The agenda includes technical training sessions to help build QCMD user skills and learn best practices on both the QSense hardware and software. Selected sessions will also be available following the event, for all those that register. 
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QSense was used to analyse and quantify the adsorption of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and proteins to different materials and interfaces. The impact of the material, the effect of sample concentration and presence of surfactants on the surface uptake was also quantified.
Lipid-based systems
are widely used in the design and development of biosensor platforms, biomaterial coatings and drug delivery applications. Here we present examples of how these lipid-based systems can be analysed using QSense QCM-D technology.
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