Turbocharge your biologics discovery and development, while simplifying your workflow

03 Oct, 2022 | Newsletters
Turbocharge your biologics discovery and development, while simplifying your workflow

ATA Scientific is pleased to announce Malvern Panalytical’s Creoptix WAVEcore!!!

Creoptix WAVEsystem – Kinetics in hours instead of days

Conventional bioassays like Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) have relied on enzyme or fluorescent labels to detect and monitor biomolecular interactions, but these methods tend to capture just one point in time and are fraught with non-specific binding issues that can skew results. 

Malvern Panalytical’s Creoptix® WAVEsystem, is a label-free technology that delivers highly sensitive kinetic and affinity results (ka, kd, KD) in real-time in a wide range of biological matrices that’s simply not possible with conventional methods. High-quality data can be derived from even the most challenging sample types with superior resolution to deliver deeper insight into previously undetectable interactions.

Built around the patented Grating-Coupled Interferometry (GCI) technology, the Creoptix WAVEsystem’s design leverages and enhances the intrinsic benefits of Waveguide Interferometry to enable faster kinetic characterisation. 

BENEFITS:  Save time and costs: more interactions in hours, not days
Get more insight: capacity to screen broad kinetic range 
Run more samples: transform 96 well plate to 96 datasets  
Ease-of-use: Up to 120 hours of unattended operation
No-clog: crude samples, harsh chemicals, and particles up to 1000 nm
Superior signal-to-noise ratios (0.01 pg/mm2 at 1 Hz)
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Introducing waveRAPID from Creoptix, the new way of measuring kinetics to boost throughput. Take a look at this short video comparing the sensitivity of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology and Grating-Coupled Interferometry (GCI) technology.