Scaling non-viral gene delivery from preclinical stages to commercial manufacturing

24 Sep, 2021 | Newsletters
Scaling non-viral gene delivery from preclinical stages to commercial manufacturing
Lipid-based genetic medicines have garnered recent attention with the expedited creation of COVID-19 vaccines and are transforming the way we approach other therapies. This recorded virtual symposium focuses on the challenges and successes associated with the scale up of genetic medicine production for clinical applications and microfluidic-based lipid nanoparticle manufacturing.
Talks include: Translation of RNA Nanomedicines from Design to Clinical; Development of an RNA-LNP Covid-19 Vaccine; mRNA-LNP scale-up for GMP Vaccine Production; Characterisation and Analysis of saRNA in Lipid Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery; Addressing Vaccine Demand With Rapid Deployment of mRNA Manufacturing; Aseptic Filling for mRNA-LNPs; RNA Vaccine Development to Phase I; Formulation and Process Development with PNI’s Contract Services.
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Rethink T Cell Therapy with Lipid Nanoparticles.
Learn more about how the GenVoy-ILM T Cell Kit for mRNA can empower your research. Key learnings:
•    Review of current ex vivo gene delivery strategies for cell therapies
•    Introduction of GenVoy lipid nanoparticle delivery platform
•    Presentation of data in T cells comparing the GenVoy-ILM T Cell Kit for mRNA with electroporation
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NanoMedU Early Pre-clinical RNA Vaccines Training course       
This course is aimed at providing pharmaceutical scientists with knowledge and confidence to start early preclinical development of RNA-LNP vaccines
Part I – Fundamentals
This interactive, live virtual classroom session covers fundamentals of RNA-LNP formulations, self-assembly and RNA vaccines. Learn the importance of the 4 Pillars of RNA vaccine development, advantages and disadvantages of unmodified, base-modified and self-amplifying vectors and more.

Part 2 – Practical
Live guided instruction for preparing RNA-LNPs for early preclinical development. A NanoAssemblr® Ignite™ and the purchase of a GenVoy-ILM training kit and payload is required, in addition to the course cost. Successful completion of Part I is required.  

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If you would like further information regarding these courses or anything else related to lipid, polymer or hybrid nanoparticle formulations carrying small molecules, peptides nucleic acids (and more), please contact Peter Davis,, or call Peter directly on his mobile 0417 778 971. 
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