Resolve additive manufacturing quality control issues with both particle size & shape analysis

15 Jun, 2022 | Newsletters
Resolve additive manufacturing quality control issues with both particle size & shape analysis
WEBINAR: 23 June 2022 @ 4pm (Sydney) 
Additive manufacturing (AM) is cited as one of the most disruptive technologies of 21st century, as it can be used to produce highly complex parts while reducing waste when compared to traditional subtractive methods. Properties such as particle size, particle shape, and particle morphology of raw materials are crucial  as they affect the packing behaviour and flow characteristics of the powders which can significantly impact the quality of the final product.

This webinar will outline how laser diffraction (Mastersizer 3000) together with imaging ( Hydro Insight & Morphologi 4) offer a highly effective method for assessing the overall quality of the raw materials used in AM. We will also look at powder recycling in powder bed fusion AM processes and how to achieve the required ISO norms and adhere to the ASTM standards for feedstock analysis. 
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