QCM-D Used to Study Virus Interactions and to Gain Insights Useful in Drug Development

26 Oct, 2020 | Newsletters
QCM-D Used to Study Virus Interactions and to Gain Insights Useful in Drug Development
QSense QCM-D is a surface-sensitive technology which has been used to analyse biomolecular interactions for two decades.   By monitoring mass, thickness and viscoelastic properties of surface adhering layers, this method can detect and monitor adsorption, molecular binding, and structural changes such as crosslinking in real-time. QCM-D has shed light on several different viruses (e.g. Norovirus, Poxvirus, Rotavirus, Herpesvirus, Ebola, Hepatitis C and Zika virus) and aspects of virus behaviour with the aim to develop antiviral therapies.
Below we show examples of research where QCM-D has been used to study viruses.
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How do we stop the next pandemic from an unknown virus?
Listen to Prof. Cho as he describes how the LEAD-strategy works, how it was developed, and how he and his team work with platform design and surface-based technologies to identify drug candidates targeting both existing and yet unknown viruses.
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QCM-D as a tool to study the binding of viruses.
Dr Gustaf Rydell, researcher at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, will describe how they have used QCM-D to study the interaction between virus particles and membrane-associated glycolipids and how the norovirus initiates infection.
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