QUANTOM Tx Microbial Cell Counter

QUANTOM Tx for rapid and accurate automated single bacterial cell counting in less than 30 seconds.

QUANTOM Tx Microbial Cell Counter

QUANTOM Tx for rapid and accurate automated single bacterial cell counting in less than 30 seconds.

Manufacturer Logos Biosystems
Product Series QUANTOM
Measurement principle Automated Fluorescence Microscopy
Application Live cell image analysis
Sample type Microbial, Bacterial Cell
Cell size range~0.3-50 µm
Excitation/Emission spectra Ex 470/30 nm, Em 530/50 nm

Product Overview

The QUANTOM Tx Microbial Cell Counter is an image-based, automated cell counter that can identify and count individual bacterial cells in minutes, not days. With no culturing needed, QUANTOM Tx automatically focuses, captures and analyses multiple images of fluorescence-stained cells to detect bacterial cells with high sensitivity and accuracy. The novel bacteria-cell detection software is able to detect individual cells despite genome size, morphology, cell size, or motility, and even in the tightest of clusters.

Utilising two different stains, the QUANTOM Tx can count total cells or viable cells. Stained cells are mixed with QUANTOM Cell Loading Buffer I, loaded into QUANTOM M50 Cell Counting Slides, and spun in the QUANTOM Centrifuge to immobilise and evenly distribute the cells along a single focal plane to ensure accurate cell detection. Counting results and images can be viewed and saved immediately after the count.

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Demonstration video



  • No culturing required – from sample to result in minutes


  • Objective results – no user-to-user variability, no estimates based on CFU’s (Colony Forming Units) or turbidity


  • Advanced cell counting software will count down to single bacterial cell regardless of shape, size or arrangement
  • Choose either total or viable only cell counts – using specific fluorescence stains


  • Easy to follow protocol and autofocus. Large touchscreen interface with intuitive software


Bacteria quantification is a one of the most fundamental measurements in a number of fields, including healthcare, agriculture, food production, and industry. From the need to accurately quantify live ‎Lactobacillus casei in probiotics, heat-killed Vibrio cholera in a vaccine, sulfur oxidising bacteria for waste treatment, general bacterial levels to determine soil contamination, or just your standard cell suspension in a laboratory, bacterial cell counting is a basic but significant step.

QUANTOM Tx™ Microbial Cell Counter for rapid enumeration: comparison with existing methods

Implementing New Standards in Metagenomics and the Extreme Microbiome Project

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