Phenom XL G2 for SEM imaging and analysis within an argon filled glove box

24 Jun, 2022 | Newsletters
Phenom XL G2 for SEM imaging and analysis within an argon filled glove box
Perform both preparation and analysis of air-sensitive battery materials in the same workspace.
With the Phenom XL G2 Argon-Compatible Desktop SEM, you can now perform solid-state lithium battery research in a non-reactive argon environment. The Phenom XL G2 Argon-Compatible Desktop SEM can be placed in an argon glove box, allowing sample preparation and SEM/EDX analysis for element identification within the same workspace. This setup enables research on solid-state lithium batteries since it decreases the risk of sample degradation due to lithium oxidation. By eliminating the need to move the research sample from one instrument to another, you can retain sample integrity and save time and resources.

ATA Scientific is a proud sponsor of the 21st international meeting on lithium batteries (IMLB2022), to be hosted at the ICC, Sydney. Join us at our booth together with our partners (MalvernPanalytical and ThermoFisher Scientific) and discover how we can help you ensure the quality of your incoming battery materials, cell performance and cycle life.
3D imaging of Lithium-ion batteries
A detailed understanding how the 3D structure impacts the performance, and how this structure changes upon cycling, is needed to optimize current battery designs and to develop next-generation battery materials. Find out more.
Automate your quality control
If you have an SEM workflow with repetitive tasks to analyse particles, pores, fibers, or large SEM images, you can allow the Phenom XL G2 Desktop SEM to do this for you automatically using Python Scripting (PPI). Find out how.
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