Next-generation Phenom XL G2 Desktop SEM plus Special Pricing until 30 June 2020

18 May, 2020 | Newsletters
Next-generation Phenom XL G2 Desktop SEM plus Special Pricing until 30 June 2020

Introducing the new Phenom XL G2 Desktop SEM  
Smaller, faster, easier to use with advanced automation and increased resolution

The next-generation Thermo Scientific Phenom XL G2 Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) delivers:  
Advanced automation  Analyse particles, pores, fibers or large SEM images automatically and eliminate manual, repetitive tasks for accurate, reproducible results while freeing up time for value-added work.
Element identification (EID) Equipped with an optional energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) detector to obtain more material insights with element identification via X-ray analysis. 
Long-lifetime Cerium Hexaboride source Obtain high quality images and resolve finer surface details using the CeB₆ source which provides ten times the brightness compared to Tungsten and lasts more than fifteen times longer.
Eucentric sample holder Enables eucentric tilt and rotation, making research and analysis faster and more accurate.   

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Phenom Particle X TC (technical cleanliness) desktop SEM enables automated, high-quality, in-house analysis of microstructures, fibers or particles supporting production with element ID.

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Phenom Particle X AM (additive manufacturing) desktop SEM allows the analysis of large samples upto 100 mm x 100 mm. Venting/loading mechanism ensures the fastest throughput.  
Special pricing for Phenom G5 SEM. Valid until 30 June 2020. Contact us for a quote.

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