Microcalorimetry – A versatile tool for the characterisation of biomolecular interactions

18 Oct, 2021 | Newsletters
Microcalorimetry – A versatile tool for the characterisation of biomolecular interactions
Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) are ideal techniques for the measurement of a wide range of binding interactions since they do not rely on the presence of chromophores or fluorophores, they don’t require labeling or immobilisation of the samples and there are no molecular weight limitations. ITC relies only on the detection of a heat effect upon binding. ITC and DSC enable scientists in academia and industry to better understand the conformational stability of their biomolecules and their binding to relevant interactants. 
In this webinar the benefits of PEAQ-ITC and PEAQ-DSC are discussed and how they help to address current bottlenecks associated with the study of interaction analysis and conformational stability. Among the most recognised challenges is the need to adequately address a broad range of binding affinities and to reliably interpret the binding data, complicated by the presence of inactive protein or inherent uncertainty in the concentration of the ligand. Experimental practicalities as well as how to obtain quality data will be covered.  


This webinar is part of our ‘Ask an expert’ webinar series. These webinars are meant for students, researchers, and professors alike who want to sharpen their analytical methods, deepen their knowledge, or find out how to improve their data. Free to attend any of the classes. For full overview click here.
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