Join us for a series of surface science webinars

04 May, 2020 | Newsletters
Join us for a series of surface science webinars
Live demo examples, software guides and easy to use workflows   
This 20 minute webinar gives an overview of how surfactants are used in industrial processes and how surface tension measurements are utilised to optimise these. Examples are given to show the importance of surface tension measurements in practice. The most used measurement methods are briefly reviewed.


Surface wettability and adhesion are vital phenomena in a variety of industries ranging from coatings industry to pharmaceutical and biomaterial industry. This 20 min webinar gives an overview of how contact angle measurements are utilised in industry to optimise and control surfaces. Practical examples of typical applications are presented. 

These short demos are aimed at providing an introduction to the Attension series of tensiometers used to determine contact angle, surface free energy, surface and interfacial tension, powder wettability, automatic CMC, surface roughness and interfacial rheology.

Watch Theta Flex Demo
Measure static and dynamic contact angle, surface free energy, surface and inerfacial tension, 3D surface roughness and interfacial rheology. 

Watch Topography Demo
Unique topography module provides further insights when studying how surface chemistry and surface roughness can affect wettability.

Watch Tilting cradle Demo
Software controlled tilting cradle used for studying dynamic contact angles. Tilting range from 0 to 90° and tilting resolution 0.1°. 

Watch Theta Lite Demo
Compact, easy-to-use contact angle meter for simple and precise measurements with automated or manual droplet deposition.  

Watch Theta lite tilting stage Demo
Tilting stage with coarse and fine tilting movement can be used for studying dynamic contact angles. Tilting range from 0 to 90°.

Watch Sigma 700/701 Demo
Fully automated force tensiometer used to measure the static surface tension and interfacial tension of liquids.

Watch Sigma CMC Demo
Critical micelle concentration (CMC), defined as the concentration of surfactants above which micelles form, is a measure of the efficiency of a surfactant.

Watch Sigma Contact angle Demo
Dynamic contact angle occurs in the course of wetting (advancing angle) or de-wetting (receding angle) of a solid which can indicate chemical and topographical heterogeneity of a surface.  

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Encouragement Award – March 2020 winners announced
The ATA Scientific Encouragement Award aims to provide young scientists with financial assistance to further their education and attend scientific meetings and conferences.
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