Introducing the NEW ISR Flip
Study Viscoelastic Properties of Thin Films

29 Apr, 2022 | Newsletters
<strong>Introducing the NEW ISR Flip</strong><br>Study Viscoelastic Properties of Thin Films
The Next Generation Interfacial Shear Rheometer

Interfacial shear rheology at the gas-liquid or liquid-liquid interface is important in a wide range of applications where foams and emulsions are used. The interface stability is controlled by surface-active molecules which can be surfactants, proteins, lipids and other particles.

The ISR Flip, NEW Interfacial shear rheometer from KSV NIMA, is ideal for the study of viscoelastic properties of thin films which can be linked to surface stability. The instrument allows for highly sensitive interfacial rheology measurement both at the air-liquid and liquid-liquid interfaces. The system uses a lightweight magnetised probe positioned in the air-liquid or liquid-liquid interface which oscillates. A high-resolution camera records its movement that allows the viscoelastic properties of films are calculated.  The camera can also be flipped for increased versatility.
This article discusses the new ISR Flip which can be equipped low volume cell and high compression trough to enable measurements to be done as a function of the surface pressure of the monolayer. The window makes measurement with transmitted light possible.
In this webinar, you will learn: What is interfacial rheology? Why is interfacial rheology important in many applications? What are the different interfacial rheology measurement techniques and what are their respective pros and cons?

Interfacial rheology: From fundamentals to application
Prof Gerald Fuller reviews interfacial rheology and applications: coalescence of water droplets in the presence of asphaltenes; stability of monoclonal antibodies; stability of liquid layers by lung surfactants.

Surface and interfacial tension – How to select the best measurement method
This white paper discusses how to select the best method for your application based on sample volume, viscosity of liquid, temperature control and more.
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