Understanding and Choosing a Particle Size Analyser

Understanding and Choosing a Particle Size Analyser

Research today would not be so advanced and precise were it not for the existence of Particle Size Analysers. Without these pieces of equipment, much research would be incredibly different to carry out and benefits realised through science may not be known.

What are the Benefits of Particle Size Analysers?

There are a range of benefits from using a Particle Size Analyser, including:

  • Accurate and effective results are delivered in the form of readouts.
  • In a particular sample, particle size analysers identify the size and allocation of particles.
  • The size and shape of particles can be determined from various states of matter – this enables laboratories to examine and analyse many different types of samples and means that research is not limited or likely to omit important features.

Important things to know about Particle Size Analysers

There are a few key things to know about Particle Sizer Analysers that you may not already be aware of, including:

  • Not all Particle Size Analysers are the same. As different pieces of equipment are developed in different ways, some pieces will be better suited for particular purposes and use in different contexts. For example, particular models will be best suited to analysis of specific materials and samples.
  • Different models of Particle Size Analysers are likely to produce different results. This is influenced by whether the device being used is appropriate for analysis of the sample being studied. It is necessary to match devices with samples.
  • As a result of integrity within the industry, significantly flawed and problematic models are not generally available. Having said this, machinery is always subject to malfunction and occasionally devices may have defects. Sometimes, transportation of devices can cause some damage. To counter this, it is important and good practice to carefully inspect all models when they are delivered.

Deciding on a Particle Size Analyser

Because Particle Size Analysers are such a vital piece of equipment for any laboratory and necessary for determining the size and shape of particles, the decision of which one to choose to best meet needs should not be made lightly.

Modern and best quality Particle Size Analysers can today include features such as a short optical bench and intuitive software. Added to this, some devices are capable of analysing both wet and dry materials. An automated microscope and high resolution camera are also features of some state of the art devices. In best quality systems, these features are streamlined and integrated to form an imaging workstation.

Particle Size Analysers are highly specialised pieces of equipment that fulfil an important need; they are unique and so respected for their capacity to determine particle size and shape. Versatile and able to be used to enhance practice and processes in a variety of industries, Particle Size Analysers assist companies to avoid costly errors, damage to machinery and reduced productivity. When companies and industries have greater intelligence about the materials being used, the most effective methods of working can be applied.

Of course, companies should consider such an important investment carefully. Time and research should be prioritised to ensure that a Particle Size Analyser is chosen to best meet the needs of the business. Advances made in research today illuminate the benefits of these devices and the potential they have for enhancing processes and ultimately, the quality of final products.

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