How to Build a Foundation for a Successful RNA Vaccine Development Programming

30 May, 2022 | Newsletters
How to Build a Foundation for a Successful RNA Vaccine Development Programming
COVID 19 vaccines based on mRNA are revolutionizing how the biopharmaceutical industry is approaching vaccines against cancer, HIV and Zika, as well as RNA-based gene and cell therapies to treat cancer and rare diseases. The modular nature of RNA technologies allows your team to build the talent, infrastructure, and processes to solve the pressing challenges of today and leverage that to address future unmet medical needs. It is therefore crucial to lay a solid foundation to build this program.

Learn how various technologies contribute to a successful RNA vaccine program and form a foundation for creating other RNA medicines to address unmet medical needs today and in the future.  
Amplifying the Future of Vaccine Development with saRNA
Dr. Ethan Settembre, Seqirus will share insights into the intricacies of saRNA and why it may represent the future of RNA therapeutic development.

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Translation of RNA Medicines from Design to Clinic
Understand the advantages and challenges of lipid-based delivery systems for successful translation of RNA into clinical development.

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How Tools and Technologies Bring Advanced Therapies to Market 
Gain insight into the latest manufacturing technologies and tools to support the development of RNA vaccines and therapeutics.

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Accelerating The Development And Scale-Up Of mRNA Vaccines
Learn how downstream considerations can make the difference between success and failure on the path towards the commercialisation of mRNA vaccines.
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