High Content Cell Imaging and Analysis

18 Sep, 2019 | Newsletters
High Content Cell Imaging and Analysis

Investigate apoptosis, autophagy, proliferation, migration, cytotoxicity, cell viability, transfection efficiency and more…

New CELENA® X High Content Imaging System is a small, yet powerful tool that simplifies imaging and data analysis. It allows researchers to rapidly capture vivid, publication-quality images and time-lapse videos with ease. Laser autofocusing minimises phototoxicity and aids high-throughput imaging while interchangeable objectives and filter cubes accommodate a wide range of imaging needs. The new onstage incubation system features an environmental chamber, temperature controller, and gas mixer to allow live cells to be monitored within a precisely controlled environment.  

CELENA X Cited in Research Paper published in Autophagy Journal

The autophagic protein LC3 translocates to the nucleus and localizes in the nucleolus associated to NUFIP1 in response to cyclic mechanical stress.

The CELENA X can be found in supplemental material. This is the first of many more citations to come of the CELENA X system since it’s recent launch.

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How to quantify confluence from a batch of brightfield images in an objective and reproducible way

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Non-destructive quantification of cytotoxicity in live HeLa cells using the CELENA® X