Helping to Understand the Characteristics of Nylon

20 Jan, 2013 | Guides & Resources
Helping to Understand the Characteristics of Nylon

Nylon is an extremely versatile and important product. It is widely used in fabrics, carpets, strings and ropes, and also as solid nylon in mechanical parts for construction, automotive assemblies and many common houseware items.

But in order to accurately control the physical properties, processability and performance characteristics of nylon, manufacturers need to know important information about its molecular weight distribution, structural characteristics and viscosity.

This is why the analytical instruments from Malvern Instruments’ Viscotek family are now in high demand.

The Viscotek instruments combine the techniques of gel permeation chromatography (GPC), flow injection polymer analysis (FIPA) and dilute solution viscosity (DSV) to efficiently meet nylon manufacturers’ needs, from development through to manufacturing and quality control (QC).

Malvern Instruments has announced the release of a web-based seminar, which outlines the benefits of the new nylon characterisation technology package, which is free to view at its website.