Discovery of Thinnest Glass Sets a Guinness World Record

08 Nov, 2013 | Guides & Resources
Discovery of Thinnest Glass Sets a Guinness World Record

Scientists from the University of Ulm and Cornell University have unintentionally discovered a sheet of glass that is only a couple of molecules thick.

The scientists’ discovery has been recognised as a world record and has subsequently received a Guinness World Records 2014 entry.

Ute Kaiser, a Professor of Experimental Physics, described the discovery as exciting and a definite thrill for science.

The discovery was made by Simon Kurasch, who was studying for a doctorate. He was using a very high-resolution transmission electron microscope for the purposes of investigating the atomic structure of a sample of graphene. Through careful and close examination, he found a new extremely thin structure layered on top of the graphene which was previously undiscovered.

The input and advice of academic contemporaries in Germany, New York and Finland was sought and through the efforts of the team, it was confirmed that the thinnest possible sheet of glass had been discovered.