Counting cells doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive

16 Mar, 2021 | Newsletters
Counting cells doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive
Transform your lab work with an award-winning new solution backed by scientists worldwide. Attend this webinar to find out more: 17th March 2021

Accurate and consistent cell counting ensures quality and reliability, from cell passage determinations to more sophisticated bioassays, single-cell sequencing analyses and cell-based therapeutic dosing determinations.  

This webinar will present the new LUNA-FX7 automated cell counter that offers both brightfield and dual fluorescent cell counting modes, state-of-the-art optics, an improved counting algorithm, 8 channel slide and precision autofocus to meet the gamut of cell counting needs. We will demonstrate the accuracy of cell viability with K562 cells and evaluated intra- and inter-instrument variability of the LUNA-FX7 with calibration beads. From CAR-T cells production to routine R&D, LUNA-FX7 cell counter can become your best asset. 

Don’t miss this webinar. If you are unable to attend on the day, a recording will be made available for those that register. For more information please contact us.    REGISTER HERE NOW – LIMITED SPOTS    

Monitor Cell Health during CAR-T Cell Therapy production
Producing effective CAR-T cell therapies requires that cell number and viability be closely monitored throughout the entire development and biomanufacturing process. Learn how the LUNA-FX7 can provide the accuracy needed to benefit your CAR-T cell therapy research and development.

Accurate cell counting for single-cell RNA sequencing
Macrogen, the largest sequencing provider in Korea and 5th worldwide, is using the LUNA-FX7 Automated Cell Counter to increase throughput, reliability, and accuracy of the lab’s single-cell RNA sequencing and precision medicine workflows.

Counting isolated nuclei for gene expression sequencing 
Obtaining high quality & debris free nuclei is very important for successful library preparation. This paper uses the LUNA‐FL Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter to count isolated nuclei and assess cell viability and nuclei concentration. 

There a better way to count cells and this is it!  

This free ebook is your ultimate guide. Count peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) isolated from whole blood samples, monitor cell health and viability and more. The LUNA-FX7 can cover all of your cell counting needs from bio/pharma labs to GMP facilities. 

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