Circular Dichroism spectroscopy is an essential tool for structural analysis of proteins

09 Jun, 2020 | Newsletters
Circular Dichroism spectroscopy is an essential tool for structural analysis of proteins
The JASCO J-1500 CD spectrometer allows you to explore the structure and stability of biomolecules by providing the maximum signal-to-noise under highly absorbing, low light intensity conditions of the far-UV spectral region down to 163nm.
Take a look at two recent papers published below showing data using the JASCO J-1500 CD spectrometer.

Stability Evaluation of Anti-Corona Virus VHH Antibody using Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy.
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The 2019 coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) surface protein (Spike) S1 Receptor Binding Domain undergoes conformational change upon heparin binding.
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WATCH RECORDED EDUCATIONAL WEBINARS Watch previously recorded webinars and access presentation materials to gain insight into CD and VCD spectroscopy using the links below.

Recorded webinar- Circular dichroism
This webinar provides a review of circular dichroism theory and instrumentation basics, as well as common biological applications including structural characterisation of proteins and nucleic acids, VHH Antibody stability evaluation and thermal stability.

Recorded webinar – Vibrational CD
This webinar provides a review of vibrational circular dichroism, instrumentation and measurement parameters such as sample type, effects of concentration and solvent selection, measurement optimisation and minimisation of artifacts and data analysis.
Previous Coronavirus research using JASCO spectroscopy We would like to share some research on the structure and function of the ‘Spike protein’ which has been done on previous MERS and SARS Corona Viruses. Check out some peer reviewed papers on the JASCO KnowledgeBase.
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