ATA Scientific support during COVID-19 outbreak

06 Apr, 2020 | Newsletters
ATA Scientific support during COVID-19 outbreak

We would like to give you a quick update.

The entire team at ATA Scientific is fully focused and committed to providing continued support amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

Here are some the changes we have implemented to adjust our business, products and services to the remote working environment.

Contract sample testing New

We now offer a broad range of sample testing services for particle characterisation eg. Particle size, particle concentration, formulation stability, SEM imaging and more. For a complete list of sample tests available, please email us via

Instrument hire or leaseNew

We also offer a broad range analytical instruments for hire focused in the areas of particle characteriastion eg, Mastersizer 3000, Zetasizer Ultra, Phenom XL desktop SEM etc.  For a list of analytical instruments available please email us via

Online demonstrations and training – New

Members of the applications team are ready on a full-time basis to provide assistance.  We are now setup to offer web based demonstrations and operator training using the latest instruments. Please contact any of our sales and application team members by email

Service and Technical Support

The service and technical support team are ready to support you either remotely or in person if necessary. In some instances, we may be limited in our ability to service your requirements in person due to federal & local government mandates etc. Please contact us online using our help centre or email

Young Scientist Encouragement award

The intent of our award is to help promote young scientists to launch their careers in their field of study by providing financial assistance. Please contact us if you would like to see this award continue. For all our previous winners, visit our website here.  

Thank you again for your continued business.

Please feel free to contact us if we can help in any way.

ATA Scientific team.