ATA Scientific partners with Hauschild SpeedMixer

16 May, 2023 | Newsletters
ATA Scientific partners with Hauschild SpeedMixer

We are pleased to announce ATA Scientific has entered an exciting new partnership with Hauschild SpeedMixer®, expanding capabilities to provide high-performance laboratory mixing equipment for Australia and New Zealand.

For over fifty years, Hauschild SpeedMixer® have been the go-to choice for businesses requiring high-quality, reliable laboratory mixing solutions. The Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge (DAC) technology developed by Hauschild makes it possible to combine seemingly impossible substance mixtures, enabling new product ideas to come to life. With this latest expansion of their sales network, Hauschild is now able to contribute to the success and future viability of companies located in Australia and New Zealand through expert advice and support provided on location.

Fabio Boccola, CEO of Hauschild, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “I am very pleased with the latest expansion of our sales network. This enables us to now also contribute to the success and future viability of companies located in these countries, providing competent advice and support provided on location. We do already have some of our products installed on in Australia but with the support of ATA Scientific we will be acting much more local, being certainly able to offer an even greater service.”

ATA Scientific, a leading supplier of advanced scientific instruments and analytical services, will serve as the exclusive distributor for Hauschild SpeedMixer® products in Australia and New Zealand. Their expertise in various industries such as particle size analysis, zeta potential measurements, rheological testing, and more make them a perfect partner for distributing Hauschild’s long-established laboratory mixing equipment.

Bryn McDonagh, the Director of ATA Scientific, furthermore explains: “We are familiar with the DAC technology and its advantages and know that it will enhance the daily work of our customers that are already working in the laboratory segments. As such we are confident that this line of product will add great value to the current offering of our products and services to both our existing and potential new customers.”

The collaboration between Hauschild Engineering and ATA Scientific represents a significant milestone in expanding access to innovative laboratory mixing solutions across the globe. Together, they aim to provide businesses in Australia and New Zealand with the tools they need to develop new materials and drive their industries forward.

The latest innovation of Hauschild – the Hauschild SpeedMixer® SMART DAC is now also available in Australia and New Zealand

About Hauschild Engineering:

The family-owned company Hauschild Engineering employs around 40 people and has been developing and producing the Hauschild SpeedMixer® at its headquarters in Hamm/Germany since 1974, selling it directly or with partners all over the world.
The original Hauschild SpeedMixer® offers perfect mixing results from a few grams or milliliters up to ten kilograms or sixteen liters. The machines are mostly used in laboratories that mix substances as part of their research and development work, as well as by companies that require small batch mixes for quality assurance.
Within few minutes, different liquids can be mixed with pastes or powders, pastes with powders, powders with powders, and substances with different chemical and physical properties – all without the use of stirring tools. The Hauschild SpeedMixer®, including all components, are manufactured according to a highest-quality standards – made in Germany.

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