Access to key imaging technologies during lockdown

18 Aug, 2020 | Newsletters
Access to key imaging technologies during lockdown
Access to key imaging technologies during lockdown

COVID-19 restrictions have lead to many university facilities around the country being shut down or running at reduced capacity, slowing down research which can be frustrating for scientists working to a timeline. 
Our contract testing and instrument hire services have allowed many clients to continue their projects. 

Whilst the bigger systems in the core facilities are fantastic, a smaller instrument which has capabilities close to the others but at a fraction of the cost, and generally at a much smaller size to fit in your lab, may be just the key… 
Take a new a look at the desktop Phenom XL SEM  or the Celena X high content imaging system.  
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Contract sample testing
We offer sample testing services for particle characterisation eg. Particle size, particle concentration, formulation stability, SEM imaging and more. Contact us for a list.

Instrument hire or lease
We offer analytical instruments for hire focused in the areas of particle characteriastion eg, Mastersizer 3000, Zetasizer Ultra, Phenom XL desktop SEM…  
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Online demos & training  
We offer web-based demonstrations and operator training using the latest instruments. Please contact our sales and application team members using the link below.

Service and technical support 
The service and technical support team are ready to support you either remotely or in-person aligned with all current government mandates. Please contact us for more …