Micromeritics Breakthrough Analyser (BTA)

Micromeritics BreakThrough Analyser (BTA) is a compact, versatile high-performance system for evaluating the performance of next generation adsorbents.

Micromeritics Breakthrough Analyser (BTA)

Micromeritics BreakThrough Analyser (BTA) is a compact, versatile high-performance system for evaluating the performance of next generation adsorbents.

Manufacturer Micromeritics
Product Series Micromeritics BTA
Measurement principle Chemisorption, Physisorption
Application Density, pore size and volume, Surface Area & Porosity
Sample type Powders, pellets, and extrudates
Furnace Temp Max1050°C
Sample MassUp to 2.5 g
Mass flow controllersup to 6 gas inlets and 2 vapour sources

Product Overview

Micromeritics Breakthrough Analyser (BTA), enables accurate characterisation of adsorbent performance under process-relevant conditions. Combining Micromeritics’ trusted expertise in gas adsorption with its microreactor and pilot plant technology, the BTA delivers reliable, selective adsorption data for gas/vapor mixtures. The BTA is particularly valuable for researchers working in fields such as gas separation, storage and purification, carbon dioxide capture and energy storage.

BTA is configured with up to six precision mass flow controllers and patented blending valves, that ensure the precise control of both composition and flow rate, while minimising dead volume. The stainless-steel column can hold 0.05 to 2.5 grams of adsorbent. Automated sample activation up to 1050°C is possible with
the precise, rugged, and reliable resistance furnace.

Operating pressures are controlled from atmospheric to 30 bar while uniform temperature control of the entire system, up to 200°C, eliminates cold spots. The BTA secure door lock system ensures operator safety throughout the analysis.

Vapor generators can be added to the BTA to enable the use of important probe molecules such as water for experimental studies.

The BTA easily connects to commercially available Fourier Transform Infrared Analyser (FTIR) and Mass Spectrometer (MS) systems for gas identification and

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  • Superior design minimises dead volume
  • Configurable with up to 6 precision mass flow controllers and 2 vapor sources
  • Patented high-performance blending valves
  • Sample activation up to 1050℃
  • Thermostated environmental chamber provides uniform temperature control up to 200°C exclusive to the BTA, even when using vapours
  • Easily connects to commercial Mass Spectrometer (MS) & Fourier Transform Infrared Analyzer (FTIR)
  • Secure door lock system for enhanced operator safety
  • Unparalleled touch screen control with MicroActive software, the most intuitive, flexible, and comprehensive analysis software for adsorption studies


DAC is difficult due to low concentrations of carbon dioxide in air along with other impurities including moisture, and the captured CO2 may be sequestered underground, sold, or converted into value added chemicals to offset carbon emissions.

Olefin/Paraffin Separations are a core part of the petrochemical industry and used to in the production of polymers such as polyethylene and polypropylene; these separations are energy intensive and increase CO2 emissions.

CO2 Adsorption – power generation, chemical plants, and refineries are significant point sources for carbon dioxide emissions and the higher concentrations often require different operating conditions when compared to direct air capture.

Natural gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons and other gases that must be purified prior to use in industrial applications and households for heating and food preparation.

Harvesting water from the air may be a critical technology for many parts of the world where the fresh water supply is limited due to an arid climate or the increasing usage of water for agriculture.

Toxic Gas Adsorption porous solids are used for personal protection and also under development for the capture of toxic gases including sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrogen dioxide from natural gas or other process feeds.

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