Light Microscopy Australia Virtual Conference, LMA2021

12 August 2021, @4pm (EAST)

Zoom seminar: Label-free live cell analysis using LiveCyte. ATA Scientific presented a 10min talk with Q&A on 12 August, at 4pm (AEST) during LMA2021. This virtual meeting covered some of the most cutting-edge techniques and applications of light microscopy. Talks and workshops featured Live imaging of cells, tissues, and organisms, Image processing and analysis, and Advances microscopy. Contact us for a copy of the recorded talk.

17 August 2021, @10am – 1pm (AEST)

Livecyte Workshop: Uncovering the inconvenient truth behind manual cell tracking
Our workshop series included three half hour webinars.
1/ Measuring random motility and wound healing with Livecyte: Are you only scratching the surface? (time 10.00-10.30am)
2/ Multiplication and division: Calculating growth and proliferation at population and single level with Livecyte. (time 11am-11.30am)
3/ Fluorescence in QPI Imaging: The mCherry on Top. (time 12noon-12.30pm)

The talks illustrated the root causes of manual tracking inaccuracies on a fundamental level and how using computer algorithms can eliminate them by removing the subjective nature of human interaction. The Livecyte system, is currently installed and ready for use within the UNSW. Using ptychography, a quantitative phase imaging modality, Livecyte is both ideally suited to label-free automated single cell tracking and extremely low phototoxicity.

This was an online workshop. Contact: Peter Davis (
for a copy of the recordings.

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