Free trial offer of the Malvern Kinexus Rotational Rheometer

ATA Scientific is pleased to announce a free trial offer of the Malvern Kinexus Rotational Rheometer.

Malvern Kinexus is a rotational rheometer developed for flexibility and ease of use. Flow properties such as shear viscosity can be measured from flow tests while dynamic material properties such viscoelastic modulus and phase angle can be measured from oscillation tests. Kinexus provides a broader measurement range compared to a Viscometer and supports a wide range of applications such as complex fluids and soft solids including dispersions, emulsions, polymer and surfactant solutions, pastes and gels.

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This trial is open to all scientists who work in Australian organisations with an interest in studying material flow properties. Successful applicants will receive the following:

  • Free use of a Malvern Kinexus Rheometer
  • Training and support throughout the trial
  • Trial Term: To be specified –  Sample dependant


You will need to provide a detailed description of your sample to be analysed. Please include sample name, the aim of your experiment and what you would like to measure.  For more information please contact us or send us an email to

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Free trial offer of the Malvern Kinexus Rotational Rheometer

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