Compare the latest Nanoparticle Characterisation Techniques

15 Sept – 21 Oct 2015

We would like to thank all those that attended our recent workshops. A range of techniques were discussed followed by live demonstrations.

Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis *- visualise and count nanoparticles, measure size, concentration and fluorescence

Dynamic Light Scattering* – determine nanoparticle size, zetapotential, molecular weight, aggregation behaviour.

Resonant Mass Measurement (NEW)- counts and measures particle dry mass, buoyant mass and distinguishes between protein aggregates and contaminants.

Laser Diffraction*-the most versatile particle sizing systems for wet and dry sample dispersion

Taylor Dispersion Analysis– (NEW) Ultra small sample volume to measure molecular size, stability and relative viscosity.

Scanning Electron Microscopy* – simple to use benchtop system, magnify particles and aggregates up to 130,000x

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Compare the latest Nanoparticle Characterisation Techniques

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