The NanoFlowSizer provides non-invasive, real-time monitoring of nanoparticle size without the need of sampling to support manufacture from R&D up to commercial processes.


The NanoFlowSizer provides non-invasive, real-time monitoring of nanoparticle size without the need of sampling to support manufacture from R&D up to commercial processes.

Manufacturer InProcess-LSP
Product Series InProcess-LSP
Measurement principle Dynamic Light Scattering
Application Nano Particle Size
Particle size range 10 - 1000 nm (at least)
DetectionBackscattering (180°)
Central wavelength1300 nm
Axial scan rateUp to 76 kHz
Maximum process flow6 L/min for polystyrene particles (100 nm, 5 mg/mL)

Product Overview

The NanoFlowSizer offers continuous, real-time nanoparticle size characterisation of colloidal systems, nano-suspensions, nano-emulsions directly in manufacturing processes (inline) or in a lab setting (offline).

Using new Spatially Resolved Dynamic Light Scattering (SR-DLS) technology, the system provides unique opportunities for studying particle size of turbid suspensions in liquid flow without dilution, not possible using standard DLS measurements. SR-DLS is based on low coherence Interferometry that provides light scattering information as a function of optical pathlength in process flows, which is used to calculate particle size.

The NanoFlowSizer can be integrated easily in process by using flow-through cells allowing high speed measurements of even highly turbid nanomaterial. Users can measure highly turbid suspensions directly through product glass bottles, which eliminates additional risks and effects related to sample handling and dilutions. NanoFlowSizer can also be operated in offline mode for manual measurements under static and flow conditions using cuvettes or other glassware.

Smart XsperGo software allows continuous real-time process feedback and high speed processing to provide characteristics such as mean particle size and distribution typically within 10 seconds. XsperGo software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and meets the FDA guidelines for use in a GMP environment.

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Demonstration video


Continuous size characterisation of nanoparticles during processing
• Inline Process Analytical Tool
• Non-invasive measurement
• Real-time process feedback
• Measurement of highly turbid materials
• High speed measurement
• Inline, online and offline operation
• For very small (<1mL) to large sample volumes


Nano emulsions – with inline processing, the droplet size can be monitored in real time and thus the process variables can be modified accordingly to obtain the desirable droplet size.

  • Measure emulsions created using high pressure homogenisation in food and pharma industries.
  • Measure particle (droplet) size of a lipid nano-emulsion formulation with propofol (anesthetic for Covid-19 intensive care patients).
  • Combine with other technologies like an NIR probe for particle size plus chemical composition in solution in real time.

Liposomes – Liposomes have a wide range of industrial applications; such as drug delivery vehicles in medicine, adjuvants in vaccination, signal enhancers in medical diagnostics etc. NanoFlowSizer allows:

  • Inline size monitoring of liposomes at different scales (from microliter to liter), using a variety of modules.
  • local behavior of the liposomes, such as interactions with the wall, can be tracked.
  • Local dynamics and local size phenomena, e.g. depletion, and segregation, that standard DLS can not observe.

Vaccines, mRNA, protein molecules – Controlled and precise manufacturing of drug carrier systems (like the LNP-mRNA COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer) with a constant and narrow size distribution are required to achieve optimum clinical performance.

  • Inline measurement of nanoparticle formulations can be used in either development laboratories, pilot plants or commercial operations.
  • Production processes of vaccines get direct real time feedback about quality, purity and particle size every 10 seconds.
  • Enables continuous nanomedicine manufacturing with the benefit of high quality, high efficiency and lower costs.

Nanoparticle synthesis – Nucleation and growth of particles during their synthesis can be monitored with real time feedback using a static or an inline setup. The NanoFlowSizer is capable of detecting changes in the backscattered intensity over time which are directly related to the concentration and size of nanoparticles in suspension. It can also monitor aggregation of particles.

  • Silica, Iron, Titanium dioxide, Gold particles
  • Polymers, Inks, Coatings


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