X-CLARITY System enables ultrafast tissue clearing for whole tissue imaging

21 Oct, 2019 | New products
X-CLARITY System enables ultrafast tissue clearing for whole tissue imaging

Conventional tissue imaging techniques require thin tissue sectioning however this process can be highly labour-intensive and is usually prone to errors. Recent advances in tissue clearing technology can now allow visualisation of cellular structures and neural networks inside of unsectioned whole tissues or even the entire body.

The X-CLARITY is an advanced all-in-one system with ready-to-use reagents for simple, rapid and reproducible tissue clearing. The system has been developed to standardise, simplify, and accelerate each step of the tissue clearing process. It’s unique design accelerates the removal of lipids from tissues in a highly efficient manner. Challenging samples such as bone, spinal cord and plants can be cleared using easy to follow workflows.  A whole mouse brain takes just 6 hours to clear.

With the CLARITY method, preserved tissues are embedded in a hydrogel matrix and lipids are actively extracted through electrophoresis to create a stable and optically transparent tissue-hydrogel hybrid that is chemically accessible for multiple rounds of antibody labelling and imaging. Native cytoarchitecture remains intact and even endogenous fluorescence proteins are preserved for robust fluorescence imaging downstream. Once cleared, tissues can be imaged using confocal, multi-photon or lightsheet microscopes.

Based on the pioneering work of the Deisseroth lab in Stanford, the X-CLARITY has become the system of choice for leading research intitutes and pharma globally.

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