WEBINAR: Recent developments in RNA R&D and manufacturing in NSW

A presentation by Dai Hayward as part of the NSW Pharmaceutical Science Group’s Vaccine technologies update webinar webcast on 14th June 2023

Prof Pall Thordarson, Director, RNA Institute UNSW together with Dai Hayward CEO, Micropore Technologies, provide a Vaccine Technologies Update for the RACI (Royal Australian Chemical Institute) NSW Pharmaceutical Science.

ABSTRACT: Dr Dai Hayward, CEO Micropore Technologies
As nanomedicines move from the urgency of mRNA vaccines, to minimise the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, to other exciting nucleotide therapies two significant issues need to be addressed before nanomedicines become truly mainstream therapies; tissue targeting and robust scalability from discovery to manufacture.

This presentation will address the importance of resolving the latter issue as a means of imparting high levels of control, in a formulation agnostic manner, to allow scale-appropriate optimisation of formulations for therapeutic outcomes with no compromises. Micropore Technologies’ established approach to development and manufacture of a variety of nanoparticles will be discussed. A novel whole-process approach, unlocking a route to distributed manufacturing, will be described.


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WEBINAR: Recent developments in RNA R&D and manufacturing in NSW

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