The Australian RNA production consortium (ARPC) is a game-changer

25 Mar, 2022 | Newsletters
The Australian RNA production consortium (ARPC) is a game-changer


The Australian RNA Production Consortium (ARPC) has been featured as one of Australia’s game-changers for 2021 in the Sydney Morning Herald article, “Who Mattered 2021“. The RNA biomedical experts of ARPC, including Professor Thomas Preiss at the John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU, are praised for their effort in securing mRNA manufacturing facilities in Australia.
ATA Scientific is proud to be supporting the ARPC initiative. If you would like further information or require assistance please contact us.    
UNSW RNA Institute (RNAI), has officially launched 
The UNSW RNA Institute (RNAI), Australia’s leading RNA science, therapeutics, and translational facility, has officially opened.  Countless hours of planning and developing have transpired, now Director of the Institute, Professor Pall Thordarson says “the RNA revolution is just getting started”.

How can we help?
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