Phenom XL G2 Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope

Phenom XL G2 is the new all-in-one desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) that is superfast and easy to use and provides high resolution imaging with elemental analysis of large samples up to 100mm x 100mm.

Phenom XL G2 Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope

Phenom XL G2 is the new all-in-one desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) that is superfast and easy to use and provides high resolution imaging with elemental analysis of large samples up to 100mm x 100mm.

Manufacturer Thermo Scientific
Product Series Phenom Desktop SEM
Measurement principle Electron Microscopy SEM & Elemental Mapping
Application Elemental Mapping (EDS), Scanning Electron Microscopy
Sample type Materials, metals, pharmaceuticals, chemical, polymers, forensics
SEM magnification160-200,000x
Optical magnification3-16x
Sample sizeUp to 100mm (36 x 12mm pin stubs)
Load to image time<40sec

Product Overview

Phenom XL G2 desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is designed for extreme ease of use and allows faster imaging of large samples up to 100mm x 100mm at an improved resolution of 10 nanometers.

A key feature of the Phenom XL G2 is its easy-to-use, intuitive user interface (UI). Based on the proven ease-of-use technology already applied in the series, the workflow for the analysis software is now integrated meaning users can view images and perform analysis simultaneously on a single screen. Operating the SEM has been made easier via the interactive databar and overlay structure. The interface enables both existing and new users to quickly become familiar with the system with less training.

The proprietary venting/loading mechanism supports the highest throughput and ensures a time-to-image in just 40 seconds. The unique optical navigation camera displays a view of the entire sample and allows the user to move to any spot on the sample with just a single click. The long-life CeB6 electron source in combination with the four-segment Backscatter detector (BSD) yields sharp images together with chemical contrast information. The Phenom XL can also be equipped with a Secondary Electron Detector (SED) that supports surface sensitive imaging. Unlike other systems the Phenom has fully integrated X-Ray analysis (Energy Dispersive Spectrometer, EDS) that allows the user to quickly identify and assess the distribution of elements in a sample.

Further analysis is provided using optional ProSuite software that includes ParticleMetric, PoroMetric, FiberMetric and 3D Roughness Reconstruction.

The Phenom XL covers a wide range of applications such as Forensic investigation, Material characterisation, Metallurgy analysis, Process control, Pharmaceutical and Industrial research and more.

Phenom ParticleX TC/AM/Steel series is designed to provide technical cleanliness, additive manufacturing and steel manufacturing companies faster QC analyses of materials.The Phenom ParticleX includes a broad range of automated SEM analyses to identify faults in materials or gauge the impact development and production changes have on a final product. Consisting of a high-performance Phenom XL Desktop SEM with automation software packages, the Phenom ParticleX provides in-house analysis and validation of produced goods against industry-approved standards, up to ten times faster than outsourcing.

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Demonstration video


NEW All in one imaging and analysis
Compact desktop SEM with X-ray (EDS) analysis that needs little space and no extra facilities that allows sample structures can be physically examined and their elemental composition determined.

After loading the sample an instant optical image is received followed by an electron image in < 40 seconds.

Ease of use with “never lost” sample navigation
Equipped with an optical colour microscope the user can swiftly navigate to any region of interest with just a single click and keep the image overview of the sample.

Multiple detectors for additional information
Back-Scatter Detector (BSD) yields sharp images and provides chemical contrast information. An optional Secondary Electron Detector (SED) enables surface sensitive imaging. The fully integrated Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) system provides elemental analysis.

Low maintenance
The long lifetime, high brightness thermionic source (CeB6 ) enables extremely stable operation and has a typical operational lifetime of >1500 hours, which is ideal for maximum useability, serviceability and uptime.

Intuitive software
The distribution of elements can be studied using Point analysis, Elemental Mapping and Line Scan. ProSuite software includes applications such as ParticleMetric, PoroMetric, FiberMetric and 3D Roughness Reconstruction.


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  • Material sciences – observe and analyse surfaces, compounds and particles
  • Industrial manufacturing – paints & coatings, construction materials, filtration, automotive and aerospace engineering
  • Life sciences – Biomedical, food, microbiology, cell biology
  • Forensics – Crime scene investigation, gunshot residue, traffic accidents
  • Electronics – component PCBs, MEMS, Semiconductor and data storage
  • Earth Sciences –Environment, minerals, Paleontology
  • Education – inspire young students to see the world 10 times smaller than the wavelength of visible light
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Standard sample holder

The standard sample holder is a compact stage allowing analysis of samples of up to 100 mm x 100 mm. The holder can be extended with 3 types of resin or metallurgical mount inserts.

Sample size

  • 100 mm x 100 mm (up to 36 x 12 mm pin stubs)
  • Max. 65 mm (h)

Eucentric sample holder

This unique  6 axis Eucentric sample holder enables users to quickly load samples within 1 minute and then tilt (up to 90°), lift and rotate them without losing sight of the sample detail.  The real-time 3D visualisation module shows the actual position and orientation at all times while the anti-collision mechanism keeps the sample and SEM safe.

Tensile Sample Holder









This tensile sample holder enables mechanical testing by measuring the force required to compress or elongate a specimen to breaking point, to  predict how materials will behave in their intended applications. Suitable for observing fiber clusters, polymer films, thin metal films and biological and plant material.



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