Phenom Pro G6 Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope

Phenom Pro G6 is a desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) that is superfast and easy to use and provides high resolution imaging and analysis.

Phenom Pro G6 Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope

Phenom Pro G6 is a desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) that is superfast and easy to use and provides high resolution imaging and analysis.

Manufacturer Thermo Scientific
Product Series Phenom Desktop SEM
Measurement principle Electron Microscopy SEM & Elemental Mapping
Application Scanning Electron Microscopy
Sample type Materials, metals, pharmaceuticals, chemical, polymers, forensics
SEM magnification160-350,000x
Resolution<6nm (sed)
Optical magnification20-134x
Sample sizeUp to 32mm
Load to image time<30sec

Product Overview

Phenom Pro G6 desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is based on the new 6th generation Phenom desktop SEM platform and is a high-performance SEM for imaging and analysis.

It is designed for extreme ease of use and enables the fastest imaging of samples. The proprietary venting/loading mechanism supports the highest throughput and ensures a time-to- image of less than 30 seconds. The unique optical navigation camera displays a view of the entire sample and allows the user to move to any spot on the sample with just a single click. The long-life CeB 6 electron source in combination with the four-segment Backscatter detector (BSD) yields sharp images together with chemical contrast information. A secondary electron detector (SED) is optionally available. The SED collects low energy electrons from the top surface layer of the sample making it ideal for studying surfaces of micro structures, nano structures or particles.

A key feature of the Phenom ProX G6 is its easy-to-use, intuitive user interface (UI). Based on the proven ease-of-use technology already applied in the series, the workflow for the analysis software is now integrated meaning users can view images and perform analysis simultaneously on a single screen. Operating the SEM has been made easier via the interactive databar and overlay structure. The interface enables both existing and new users to quickly become familiar with the system with less training.

The Phenom Pro G6 can be upgraded to Phenom ProX G6 with fully integrated X-Ray analysis (Energy Dispersive Spectrometer, EDS) that allows the user to quickly identify and assess the distribution of elements in a sample. Additional sample holders allow for both conductive and non-conductive samples to analysed without the need for coating. Options are also available for sample tilting and cooling.

Further analysis is provided using optional ProSuite software that includes ParticleMetric, PoroMetric, FiberMetric and 3D Roughness Reconstruction.

The Phenom SEM covers a wide range of applications such as Forensic investigation, Material characterisation, Metallurgy analysis, Process control, Pharmaceutical and Industrial research and more.

The Phenom Pro G6 is a user friendly and affordable tool that bridges the gap between the optical microscope and ultra-high resolution microscopes.

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All in one imaging and analysis

Compact desktop SEM with X-ray (EDS) analysis that needs little space and no extra facilities. Sample structures can be physically examined and their elemental composition determined. Offload work from your floor-model SEMs and expand research capabilities.


After loading the sample an instant optical image is received followed by an electron image in < 30 seconds.

Ease of use with “never lost” sample navigation

Equipped with an optical colour microscope the user can swiftly navigate to any region of interest with just a single click and keep the image overview of the sample.

Low maintenance

The long lifetime, high brightness thermionic source (CeB 6 ) enables extremely stable operation and has a typical operational lifetime of > 1500 hours, which is ideal for maximum useability, serviceability and uptime.

Multiple detectors for additional information
Back-Scatter Detector (BSD) yields sharp images and provides chemical contrast information. An optional Secondary Electron Detector (SED) enables surface sensitive imaging.

Intuitive software

The distribution of elements can be studied using Point analysis, Elemental Mapping and Line Scan (EDS option). ProSuite software includes applications such as ParticleMetric, PoroMetric, FiberMetric and 3D Roughness Reconstruction.

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  • Material sciences – observe and analyse surfaces, compounds and particles Industrial manufacturing – paints & coatings, construction materials, filtration, automotive and aerospace engineering
  • Life sciences – Biomedical, food, microbiology, cell biology
  • Forensics – Crime scene investigation, gunshot residue, traffic accidents
  • Electronics – component PCBs, MEMS, Semiconductor and data storage
  • Earth Sciences –Environment, minerals, Paleontology
  • Education – inspire young students to see the world 10 times smaller than the wavelength of visible light
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Standard sample holder

Suitable for most samples up to 25mm diameter and 30mm height, mounted on standard sample pin stubs.

Charge reduction sample holder

Designed to reduce charging and eliminate extra sample preparation (coating) for non-conductive samples such as paper, organic material, glass… etc

Metallurgical sample holder

Designed to support resin-mounted samples for metallurgy or when working with inserts. Charge reduction version also available for non-conductive samples.

Micro tool and tilt-rotation sample holder

Suitable for imaging long objects such as drill bits, milling tools and needles.

Motorized tilt and rotation sample holder

Enables a unique 3D image of your sample by allowing the analysis from all visible sides.

Temperature controlled sample holder

Allows the study of vacuum sensitive and fragile samples such as biological, food or organic coatings. Temperature can be controlled from -25°C to +50°C.

X-view Insert

Provides fast, easy clamping without the need for screws and is ideal for cross sectional imaging of coatings and multilayer samples.


Micro-electronics insert

Provides a unique clamping mechanism for imaging semi conductor, microelectronics or solar cells.


Provides uniform dry powder dispersion on SEM pin stubs while protecting fragile particle structures.

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