Nanolane N-Lab Station

The Nanolane N-Lab Station uses patented optical sensors to enable label-free live imaging, surface interaction studies and topographic analyses at the nanometre scale.

Nanolane N-Lab Station

The Nanolane N-Lab Station uses patented optical sensors to enable label-free live imaging, surface interaction studies and topographic analyses at the nanometre scale.

Manufacturer Nanolane
Product SeriesNanolane N-Lab
Measurement principleMicroscopy - Surface Enhanced Ellipsometric Contrast (SEEC)
ApplicationLive cell image analysis, Nanoscale Imaging - Live
Sample typeNanoparticles, thin films, surfactants, nanolithography
Measurement scale1D objects (films) down to 0.1 nm, 2D objects (tubes/wires) down to 2 nm, 3D objects (particles) down to 10 nm
Lateral resolution<300 nm
Sample thicknessto 0.3 nm

Product Overview

Nanolane N-Lab Station allows quantitative imaging at the nanoscale. This label-free technique supports live imaging, surface interaction studies (eg adsorption, kinetics) and topographic analysis. The intelligent analytical capabilities are due to the patented optical contrast-enhanced sensors (SEEC Sensors). These unique sensors modify the polarisation of light to allow nano-particles and films to be visualised in static or dynamic mode, in air or liquid.Applications range from molecular biology, surfactants, thin films, nanolithography, nanotubes and more.

The N-Lab Station is fully automated. It incorporates an internal microscope with motorised stage and autofocus, integrated fluidics and temperature control for easy and accurate sample analysis.

The LabSOFT software interface provides live nanoscale imaging. A proprietary algorithm (Q-SEEC) is used for quantitative measurements and enables the determination of the sample thickness.

  • What is SEEC Microscopy
  • Benefits
  • Applications

What is SEEC Microscopy

SEEC Microscopy is an optical imaging technique that provides visualisation and mapping of anometric samples in air or water: It makes use of the contrast-enhancing properties of SEEC optical slides to measure particles down to 10nm and film thickness down to 0.3 nm. It’s a real time label free technique ideal for the live observation of organic and biological samples.

The principle is to exclude the background light reflected off the SEEC slide surface. This allows the reflections of nano-objects on the slide surface to become optically detectable.

The schematics below shows what happens when a beam of crossed polarised light is reflected off a surface and collected by an analyser.

Figure 1. Polarised light is reflected off the SEEC slide surface and there no change in polarisation so that all the reflected light is blocked by the analyser.

Figure 2. The nanomaterial on the SEEC slide causes a disruption in the polarisation of the reflected light. This reflected light is now non-polarised so passes through the analyser enabling the imaging of the nanomaterial.

SEEC slides consist of a stack of optical layers deposited on a supporting plate of silicon or glass. The optical properties of the slides depend upon the composition of the layers that are deposited. Many materials can be used as the top layer. This makes the slides versatile in terms of surface chemistry or imaging environment such as air, buffers, oil.

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  • High resolution visualisation with a nanometer sensitivity.
  • Analyse live molecular and biological interactions.
  • Detect and track mass/structural changes.
  • Analyse in static or dynamic mode in air, liquid or in gas.
  • Unique SEEC sensors enable a wide range of applications
  • Wide-field topographic analysis
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  • Adsorption/desorption and kinetics of reactions.
  • Analyses of films, patterns, biochips, nanotubes, nanoparticles.
  • Surface topography – profile, section, roughness, 3D view.
  • Observe structural, morphological changes vs. T°, pH, and concentration.
  • Perform 4D analyses – x, y, z, vs. time.
  • Live characterization on microfluidic/Lab on Chip devices.
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