NanoEnTek JuLI Stage

JuLI Stage is an affordable, real-time cell history recorder and digital fluorescence imaging analyser designed to support cell biology research.

NanoEnTek JuLI Stage

JuLI Stage is an affordable, real-time cell history recorder and digital fluorescence imaging analyser designed to support cell biology research.

Manufacturer NanoEnTek
Product SeriesNanoEnTek JuLI
Measurement principleMicroscopy - Fluorescence and transmitted light
ApplicationLive cell image analysis
Light SourceBlue, Green, UV LED (Intensity adjustable)
Objective lens4X, 10 X, 20 X + Digital Zoom
Fluorescence modesDAPI: Excitation 390/40, Emission 452/45 GFP: Excitation 466/40, Emission 525/50 RFP: Excitation 525/50, Emission 580LP
Operating environment5 - 40 °C, 20 – 95 %

Product Overview

The NanoEnTek JuLI Stage is a compact, fully automated real-time cell history recorder that directly acquires live cell images.

JuLI Stage  is equipped with a fully automated x-y-z stage and multi-channel fluorescence, interchangeable objective lenses and sensitive filter-based optics to optimise for various live cell assays. Users can acquire cell images and videos from various cell culture plates (up to 384 wells) in an incubator. This easy to use system also enables the user to obtain quantified cell confluence results with low variation as well as growth curves using bright field image based analysis. JuLI Stage software is easy to use and can be remotely controlled allowing any user to monitor cell cultures and analyse experimental data from outside the laboratory.

Multi channel, multi well & multi position – Record the whole history of your cell and capture time-lapse images & video.

Image stitching – Produce one stitched image from individual high resolution images of the entire well. Ideal for analysing tissue sections or stem cell colonies.

Transfection efficiency and fluorescence expression – Measure cell concentration using bright field and fluorescence (GFP & RFP). Identify and calculate cell confluence values using multi well plates automatically.

Growth curve of different cell types – Observe and capture the growth curves of different cells over time and analyse confluence automatically.

Cell migration (wound healing) assay – Monitor wound confluence data to quantitatively analyse the recovering surface of the wound over time.

  • Benefits
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  • Record the whole history of your cells – Image, video & edit all inside an incubator
  • Fully automated and motorised X-Y-Z stage for multi-position monitoring and manual & auto focusing
  • Multi-channel fluorescence imaging (Bright, GFP, RFP & DAPI)
  • Compatible with various multi-well plates & vessels to monitor up to 384 wells in real time
  • Interchangeable objective lenses (4, 10 & 20x)
  • Easy-to-use & powerful software with remote monitoring access


JuLI Stage has a wide range of applications which include:

– Live cell imaging (time lapse)
– Cell culture quality control
– 3D spheroid
– Apoptosis monitoring
– Angiogenesis monitoring
– Image stitching
–  Reporter genes
–  Wound healing assay
–  Cell growth monitoring
–  Stem cell development
–  Cell proliferation
–  Cell cytotoxicity monitoring
–  Cell differentiation
–  Transfection efficiency
–  Neurite outgrowth



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