NanoEnTek JuLI FL

JuLI FL is an affordable and easy-to-use fluorescence cell history recorder used to study cellular functions.

NanoEnTek JuLI FL

JuLI FL is an affordable and easy-to-use fluorescence cell history recorder used to study cellular functions.

Manufacturer NanoEnTek
Product SeriesNanoEnTek JuLI
Measurement principleMicroscopy - Fluorescence and transmitted light
ApplicationLive cell image analysis
Light sourceGFP Channel: Blue LED; RFP channel: Green LED
Optical FilterGFP: Ex 466/40nm, Em 525/50nm; RFP: Ex 525/50nm, Em 580LP
Magnification4x and digital zoom (~450x)

Product Overview

The NanoEnTek JuLI FL is a fluorescence live cell movie analyser and counter.  The system uses state-of-the-art optics to get live cell images from various cell culture dishes and can perform cell-based assays, including cell counting, cell viability and GFP/RFP expression level checking. This enables the user to support the quantified cell confluence results with low variation and the growth curve using image-based analysis for bright field.

JuLI FL has an intuitive and user-friendly interface with an LCD touch screen and simple steps for the system set-up and operation. Its compact size is optimised for a cell culture incubator. To ensure high accuracy, it has an automated confluence detection and growth curve, plus semi-auto focusing with low variation. A dual system for comparative data is optional.

  • Time-lapse image capture and movie recording
  • Cell counting and viability
  • GFP or RFP expression level checking
  • Dual system for comparative data (Optional)
  • Benefits
  • Applications


Fluorescence RFP and/or GFP

  • Identify and measure levels of fluorescence (RFP or GFP expression)

Smart live cell viewer

  • View and capture the live single image inside your cell-culture incubator.

Real time movie recorder

  • Sequential time-lapse images are stored, and can be converted to movie file automatically.

Intelligent confluence analyser

  • Detect cell confluence and make growth curve using image based analysis.

Real time cell growth

  • Applicable long-term monitoring in real time.


Potential applications include: live cell imaging (time lapse); cell growth monitoring; cell migration assay; cell confluence detection; cell culture quality control; proliferation assay; stem cell development; cell-based assay optimisation; cell counting and viability; transfection efficiency level check (GFP or RFP expression).

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