NanoAssemblr Ignite

NanoAssemblr Ignite uses exclusive NxGen microfluidic mixing technology to allow commercial scale manufacturing of nanomedicines through a single mixer.

NanoAssemblr Ignite

NanoAssemblr Ignite uses exclusive NxGen microfluidic mixing technology to allow commercial scale manufacturing of nanomedicines through a single mixer.

Manufacturer Precision Nanosystems
Product Series NanoAssemblr platform
Measurement principle Emulsion and Liposome Processing
Application Nanoparticle formulation
Temperture controlUp to 75°C
Formulation VolumeUp to 20mL non-diluted, and up to 50mL diluted

Product Overview

The NanoAssemblr Ignite is a nano particle synthesis system that enables the rapid, reproducible, and scalable manufacture of next generation nano particle formulations for the targeted delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents to cells and tissues. It is particularly designed for novel nano particles that would be difficult to make with alternative manufacturing methods.

The NanoAssemblr Ignite uses proprietary NxGen scalable continuous-flow microfluidic technology designed exclusively for nanomedicine development. Using controlled mixing it enables users to reproducibly manufacture the highest quality drug products through a single mixer across scales, from mL / min to L / h. NxGen allows time-invariant particle formation to ensure the most reproducible results for a wide range of particle types.

The NanoAssemblr Ignite enables rapid benchtop scale development of nanoparticle based RNA, DNA, CRISPR, small molecule and protein therapeutics.  Optimised drug products are predictably scaled to advanced preclinical and clinical scale with the NxGen technology on the NanoAssemblr Blaze and GMP Systems.



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Demonstration Video


Advanced microfluidics in an automated system removes batch-to-batch and user-to-user variability.

Easy setup with touch screen interface, saved recipes and a single-use fluid path that eliminates priming and cleaning enables a streamlined workflow.

Tune particle size with precise control over fluid flow rates

This differs from turbulent mixing where collisions are used to speed mixing. These are extremely dependent on geometric and velocity profiles which differ at scale.

Formulate small molecules, peptides, and nucleic acids into lipid, polymer or hybrid nanoparticles, and more.

Formulation runs require less than a minute. Over 50 formulations can be completed in a day for rapid optimization.

The NxGen mixer uses precisely controlled mixing to reproducibly generate optimal particles through a single mixer across scales. Easily scale between 1mL and 20mL formulations on the Ignite. Optimised formulations can be predictably scaled to advanced preclinical and clinical scale with Blaze and GMP Systems with NxGen technology.


Gene delivery via high in vivo cell transfection efficiency
Nanoparticle design
Therapeutic drug and Vaccine development
Lipid nanoparticles formulation
Liposome encapsulation
Polymeric nanoparticles


Cartridge: Single use technology






Ignite cartridges are single-use. No priming or cleaning required for an efficient work flow. Ignite cartridges are compatible with a wide range of solvents to make a diverse array of nanomedicine formulations. NxGen Ignite cartridges are also available with automated in-line dilution of the nanoparticles to allow modelling of the processes that will be required for future GMP production.

GenVoy-ILM lipid mix






GenVoy-ILM is an ionizable cationic lipid mix that enables the rapid and easy production of RNA-loaded lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) using the NanoAssemblr®Platform.  GenVoy-ILM is the simplest way to get started with LNPs – the most advanced non-viral technology for delivering nucleic acids. Applications include preclinical development of vaccines, cell therapy and gene therapy. LNPs made with the NanoAssemblr platform exhibit a unique homogeneous core structure with exceptionally consistent size within and between batches, which has been shown to be more potent than particles made by other methods. 

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